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The Health Outreach for Latin America Foundation (HOLA) is a non-profit that works to provide sustainable health care solutions in developing Latin American countries through chronic care clinics, large and small animal veterinary clinics, and public health education. We are currently trying to grow this grassroots organization in order to have a larger impact in the Nicaraguan communities we partner with. Developing the HOLA Foundation is going to include projects such as branding the organization and improving marketing strategies, fundraising in order to expand our programs, and launching research projects to track the effectiveness of our programs.  

Most of the work that we do is from Colorado. We meet every other week in Boulder on Sunday evenings. However, we have at least one mission trip each year. This year we are looking to travel to Nicaragua towards the end of May for one to two weeks. We are looking to recruit members who are interested in developing the non-profit and gaining experience in international non-profit health work. 

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The deadline for applications for 2018 is Sunday, March 11th by 11:59pm.  After you submit your application, you will receive an e-mail confirmation within 48 hours.