The Jamie Byers Memorial Scholarship Fund


In 2004, Jamie Byers approached the Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honor Society at the University of Colorado with an opportunity to take part in a life-changing trip. His plan was simple: to take a small group of student volunteers to under served communities in rural Nicaragua and provide them with medical care. Jamie believed that the experience would not only help to meet the needs of these communities, but expose the volunteers to a radically different way of life and inspired their approach to their future careers in healthcare. His initiative grew quickly and eventually evolved into the HOLA Foundation.

All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for helping us continually honor Jamie's memory by carrying out his selfless generosity.

Jamie embodied love and compassion as he influenced what has evolved into a multifaceted healthcare organization. He was a selfless soul who dedicated his life to helping those most in need. Most of all, Jamie was passionate about animals and was building a foundation for a future as a veterinarian. His vision was to bring healthcare to  impoverished communities by proving medical support for the people and their livestock.

Jamie's vision is core of HOLA's mission today. Jamie is deeply missed by his patients and all those he aided during his many travels. As he often expressed, his heart was always with the people of Nicaragua and his passion and dedication to their care was unsurpassed.

Jamie has helped to empower communities Nicaragua and change the lives all who have supported and served with the organization. In his short lifetime, Jamie built a legacy of love and service, and without him, HOLA would not exist.

In honor of Jamie's dedication to his work and his incredible impact on the lives of his friends, family, and all those he served in Nicaragua over the years, the HOLA Foundation has established the Jamie Byers Memorial Scholarship Fund. Money raised will be used to fund tuition scholarships for financially disadvantage veterinary students in Nicaragua who have demonstrated a commitment to community service, as Jamie spent the better part of his life doing.

Scholarship Awardees

Karla Benita Diaz Jiminez

Karla is in her fifth and final year of veterinary school at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua (UNAN) in León. She is from the rural village of Chacraseca, a community she continues to serve through her volunteer work with the HOLA Foundation and other organizations. After school, Karla plans to pursue a specialty in surgery and work in Chacraseca. She dreams of creating a nursery to care for and protect small vulnerable animals.