Mitch Gerk
Director of Operations

HOLA! This will be my third year with the HOLA Foundation and I have been continually embraced by the warm, Nicaraguan culture on the past two mission trips. As a recent graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder, I am eager to dedicate more time to the HOLA Foundation and help HOLA reach new heights as a Non-Profit. My studies included Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Business Analytics; and not only has the HOLA Foundation been a perfect fit to apply my studies in a real world setting, it’s also inspired me to take on this leadership role. HOLA’s Clinical, Public Health and Veterinary divisions have the potential to vastly improve more communities than ever. With our foundation growing yearly, we’re extremely excited about helping more people than we’ve ever been able to before. Non-Profit work is essential in areas such as Nicaragua as government funding for healthcare is minimal. The Operations Team and I are eager to see what HOLA can achieve this year. Salud Para Todos!

Danielle Bamberg
Director of Clinical Operations

Hey everyone, my name is Danielle and I'm a graduate from the University of Wyoming where I earned my BSN and have been working for the past 5 years in emergency medicine. Currently, I'm working as a travel RN in the mountain west, where I get to experience many different types of emergency rooms and the communities they serve. I have always been drawn to the Caribbean and Latin America and their vibrant cultures and people. I studied public health and Spanish for a summer in the Dominican Republic and have worked in clinics in Honduras; these experiences helped solidify my passion for international healthcare and development and I've been looking for my next opportunity in the field ever since. Last year, I participated in my first HOLA mission and fell in love with Nicaragua and serving the people of the small communities in which we worked. This year, I will be serving as director of clinic and hope to improve upon the already great work that HOLA has done in the past. The organization has matured greatly in the last few years and I hope to add to this by working with our dedicated members to help streamline the clinic process, utilize our resources even more efficiently, and help facilitate closer relationships with the communities in which we work. I have always aspired to be part of an international health aid group and this year I have been honored with the opportunity to help grow an already wonderful organization. For me, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make change that really matters. My only hope is that I can give to Nicaragua and it's people half as much as what they have already given me.


Brian Lee                    Director of Finance  

Hello! I am a senior in University of Colorado at Boulder majoring in
Molecular Cellular Biology, and studying for premed. This is my second
year in HOLA as a co-Finance director in charge of funding and paperwork. I joined HOLA last year when I got the notification about NGO in my CU Healthlist and researched their purpose and practices in Nicaragua. HOLA is an NGO with a goal to help the residents of Nicaragua by offering assistance to the doctors in Nicaragua through providing them with resources, tools, and helping hands. I am so proud to be a part of that.

Randee Hochmiller                                                             Director of fundraising

I am a senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder studying Integrative Physiology.  I want to be able to pursue a career in healthcare. This will be my second year in this organization.  I was drawn to HOLA right away when I heard that we were able to go to Nicaragua and give back to part of our world.   Every single experience that HOLA offered through the  veterinary, clinic, and public health programs made me love helping people, and made me grow a bigger passion for HOLA as a whole.   After the trip last summer, I wanted to be a part of HOLA in a greater way to understand the process of creating a successful trip, and to gain the love of the organization even more.  I am so excited to see what this next year will bring for HOLA.    


Sydney Lawrence
Executive Director

I have a BS in Biology and am currently working on my MPH in Community and Behavioral Health.  This will be my second year as an HOLA member and my first year as Executive Director.  The trip to Nicaragua this past May was an experience to be had.  As a general member I aided in the Public Health projects, teaching sexual education, and the importance of nutrition and hydration.  In doing so, I was able to see firsthand the positive impacts of HOLA's previous years' work.  I hope that as I take on this new role of ED that I may be able to offer more support towards HOLA's efforts of promoting sustainability to the communities of Nicaragua.

Aubrey Eggett                      Director of Public Health Operations

¿Qué tal? After the 2016 trip to Nicaragua, the H.O.L.A. Foundation's mission and purpose clicked in my heart and mind. This organization is honorable and genuine. Wanting to become more involved, I applied for and accepted the position as Director of Public Health. As a Type 1 Diabetic, I have always yearned to become a part of the professional health world, but it wasn't until Nicaragua that I truly understood the critical need for an emphasis on prevention. The previous Director of Public Health helped me see the benefit and value of not just treating a problem, but preventing it--and this comes through education. Having served for 18 months as a Spanish-speaking missionary, I have been privileged with ample amounts of time to serve hispanics and have gained an immense love for their respective cultures. To be able to continue this service, now in the medical realm, is a dream come true.

Cassie Timm                Director of Human Resources

I am a Junior at the University of Colorado at Boulder studying Molecular Biology and English Literature.  I am pursuing a career in medicine, and was immediately attracted to HOLA because of the opportunities it provides its members that are related to this field.  The veterinary, clinic, and public health programs offered experiences that opened my eyes to the power we have to affect change as a result of this organization.  It was not until later that I realized the importance of other roles within HOLA, and the importance of human resources in particular.  I am very excited to move forward with HOLA and to see where we can go this year.  

Luke Santmyer                Director of Public Relations and Development

¿Que Pasó? I am currently a junior at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I am working towards dual degrees in psychology and economics and hope to go onto my masters in economics. Using this, I hope to work further with non-profits involved in micro-financing small businesses in third world countries. This will be my second year in HOLA and i am thrilled to be able to take a larger part in the leadership of this great organization this year. I cannot wait to see how this organization can continue to help the people of Nicaragua and hopefully evolve to help even more.