Acute Care


Establishing Acute Care Clinics

During our medical relief trips, HOLA volunteers establish acute care clinics in communities that lack access to a health care facility. At these clinics, every patient is triaged and then allowed to see the physician. All medications that the physician prescribes for patients are paid for and provided by the HOLA Foundation. Furthermore, every patient that enters an HOLA clinic, whether infant, child, or adult, receives a supply of multi-vitamin tablets. 

Partnering with Local Physicians

The HOLA Foundation differs from many other medical relief groups in that we partner solely with local medical professionals to deliver acute care. We believe that local physicians have a better perception of the health disparities occurring in their communities than foreign physicians. Thus, these local professionals are in a better position to develop a rapport with the patient, understand the patient's needs, and prescribe an effective treatment course.    

Veterinary Clinic


Improving Community Health

The HOLA Veterinary Care program strives to improve the health of the community by improving the health of its animals. Our veterinary team partners with local veterinarians to provide vitamin supplements, and de-worming procedures for common livestock, all without cost to the community. These procedures help to lower the burden of zoonotic diseases on the community while simultaneously improving the health of the community's animals which serve as a source of both food and capital.

Invasive Procedures

The HOLA Foundation also provides some surgical care for animals in the community. Castrations are conducted in order to lower pet populations (a common transmission vehicle for many zoonotic diseases) as well as to prevent the occurrence of future disease, such as prostate cancer. 

Public Health & Community Assessment


Partnering with the Community

We strongly believe that a community can only improve their health standing when they are personally invested in the endeavor. To promote this investment, HOLA partners with the community by recruiting Community Health Leaders. These leaders are given a binder of health information, so that they may serve as health encyclopedias for their communities. These binders include information on acute diseases such as Hepatitis A/B/C and malaria, chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as common symptoms such as burns, bites, sprains, and fevers. By partnering with Commmunity Health Leaders, HOLA can extend its impact on communities even when we do not have volunteers abroad.

Public Health Education

The HOLA Foundation strives to promote an increased quality of life, both emotionally and physically. We have implemented a Sexual Health and Wellness program with the local middle and high schools, as well as health education consults within the health clinics.  The public health branch as a whole aims to provide a safe place of learning and creating awareness for health decision making processes, better nutrition, better self-care and sanitation, and overall sustainability in all health care choices.



The HOLA Foundation constantly conducts research in order to better identify the health needs of a community. This research consists of rigorous literature reviews, specific condition targeted studies, and full-scale community health assessments. The data we collect from our research activities provide excellent vectors for further development of our programs as well as ensure our methodologies are evidence-based.